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HFMA™️ approved: "The “missing link” is access to a financial counselor"

A New Era of Patient Financial Engagement

The world’s most advanced patient-provider healthcare payments platform, powered by AI.


Of patients are likely to switch their healthcare provider for a better payment experience


Collection Rate

1 in 2

Providers experiences an increase in Cost to Collect

Collecting payments is a system-wide problem 

You're not alone: 

Where patients understand their medical expenses, are prepared to cover the costs, and are able to fulfill their financial obligations on time and with ease

Imagine a world where patients and providers have found financial rhythm

Our Solution

Helping patients understand the cost of their medical care. 


Assisting patients to be financially prepared to cover their medical costs.


Bridging the affordability gap to make payments manageable. 


Want to know how we do it? 

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